Check us out @ the Roslindale, MA, Farmers Market on Saturday, January 28.

The Oscar in his natural habitat.

Catwood is an attempt by Hassan Shalla and Ana Lopez to be relevant snake people.

What started as an excuse to acquire an excessive amount of power tools[citation needed] resulted in a hobby that fuses our favorite things: art, design, friends, and the great outdoors. So now, by night, you can find us in our basement workshop, designing, prototyping, and building really pretty things out of really cool wood. By day, you can find us complaining about the MBTA.

The Catwood mascot is a racoon because—just like our raw product—we think that, with a little tender loving care and polish, a racoon could be as lovable as any cat.

We have so enjoyed building and spreading the wacky joy that is Catwood, we want to ensure its goodness is spread as far and wide as possible. Therefore, we commit to donating 25 percent of our profits to an organization that really knows how to use wood to build cool things: Habitat for Humanity.

Catwood: Do good by wood.